A-Santamaría Psicoanálisis México A.C.

The Antonio Santamaria Foundation was created as a non – profit, free-standing, independent psychoanalytic educational foundation in his memory to honor and continue his love of psychoanalytic learning, his dedication to thecontinuing education of practicing clinicians and his commitment to the future of psychoanalysis.


Dr. Antonio Santamaría

( 1930-2013] was a pioneer and leading voice of psychoanalysis in Mexico and Latin America. A member of APM ( Mexican Psychoanalytic Association), the IPA ( International Psychoanalytical Association ) and FEPAL ( Latin American Federation of Psychoanalysis) , he helped in the founding and development of many psychoanalytic and psychotherapy societies around the country . He was devoted topsychoanalysis, passionate about culture and learning and much loved and sought after as a supervisor and teacher.

W.R. Bion

En preparación para la Conferencia Internacional Bion México 2022.

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Wilfred Bion

Bion International Conference Mexico 2022

Participa en este importante evento, donde tendremos la colaboración de psicoanalistas internacionales.

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