“Freud says Aristotle states that a dream is the way a mind works in sleep: I say it is the way it works

when awake.” (Cogitations 1992, p. 43).
NOVEMBER 10-13, 2022.

After much hesitation, consultation and debate we have reluctantly decided that in the face of the current Covid and travel uncertainties that it is safest and most prudent to hold the November México International Bion Conference on-line from November 10 to 13, 2022 .

As Bion might have said, it is time to make room for new thoughts .

As our conference theme, we have chosen the central topic of The Oneiric dimensions of the Mind. We hope to explore dreamwork alpha, nighttime dreams, transformational dreamwork, alpha function, container/contained and all of their manifestations and implications in the treatment situation, in psychic development and in the arts and cultural surround. For Bion dream-work goes on continuously, during wakefulness as well as sleep – indeed, “is concerned with, and is identical with, unconscious waking thinking designed, as part of the reality principle, to aid in the task of the real, as opposed to pathological, modification of frustration.” (p. 54). The analytic process, particularly in relation to the non-repressed unconscious, requires that the analyst create and offer his or her analytically informed intuitions and conjectures to the patient about the patient, their unfolding analytic relationship and the analytic process in the form of interpretations and that this action helps organize and thereby create elements (latent dream thoughts, waking and asleep) in and of the patient’s unconscious.

We think it will be a very rich and exciting opportunity and look forward for your participation. In light of the decision to hold the conference on-line, we also decided to change – and we hope optimize – the conference structure, emphasizing the possibilities and benefits of creating large working groups and small discussion groups. At this conference, we will not have overlapping panels and paper presentations.

Consequently, the conference will have the following structure :

Three speakers : Michael Eigen , Guiseppe Civitaresse and Antonio Sapienza and
Nine panelists :
Anne Alvarez , Avner Bergstein , Nicola Abel-Hirsch, Peter Goldberg, Raúl Hartke, Howard Levine, Jani Santamaría, Robert Snell, Rudi Vermote

We will have three panels with 3 hours presentations by colleagues from three regions: Europe, Latinamerica and Northamerica followed by one by region with one and a half hour of presentation ( 30 minutes each )  followed by one and a half hour of discussion. Then, we will have a brief break for lunch . After lunch, there will be small group discussions of 90 minutes each led by more than 20 facilitators from all regions . The work task of these afternoon work groups will be to continue working through and reflecting on the papers that were presented in the morning.
Each group will be coordinated by 2 facilitators

We plan, at a minimum, to have simultaneous translation of panels and speakers and to offer groups in Spanish and in English. Ideally, we also wish to offer groups and /or simultaneous translation in Italian, French and Portuguese but this will depend on the number of colleagues requiring these languages, because as you know, translations are very expensive. As we develop estimates of these additional translations, we will be in touch with you to determine the minimum number of colleagues required to afford these costs and will appreciate your help in reaching these registration goals.

In consideration of the various time zones, we are planning to work from 9:10 am México City time to 4:30pm México City time. In addition, a cultural activity will be held on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday will begin at 11 am.

We realize that people may be disappointed that we are not asking colleagues to present papers but we think that with this structure, all will have the time to express their ideas regarding the theme which is “Oneiric Dimensions of the Mind “

Although we are facing very difficult moments, we are trying, as Bion wrote, to make the best of a bad situation and take the opportunity to create new models .

Space is limited so Register now!
Early Bird : From February 28 to July 31
$ 290 USD
Regular Price: From August 1st to October 31
$ 349 USD
On-Site: From November 1st to 9
$ 395 USD
A personal link will be sent days before the conference

We would like to note that in response to many  requests, recordings  only of the Thursday and Friday panels and plenaries will be made available to subscribers who are unable to attend.

Admission to the Conference is not transferable. No refunds.

Welcome !
Jani Santamaría Linares


Avner Bergstein and Howard Levine
Scientific Program Committee

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