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Fundraising Appeal for Wilfred Bion Commemoration



*The appeal is being launched and managed by Andrew Briggs and Bob Hinshelwood

Wilfred Bion made an outstanding contribution to psychoanalysis, both clinical work and metapsychology. Unlike so many with his level of achievement he has not left a legacy of any formal organisation or school of thought. This reflects his efforts to bridge diverse schools of psychoanalytic thought rather than to contribute a new one. Despite this, his achievement and lasting reputation do seem to warrant a lasting memorial. As 2029, and the 50th anniversary of his death (in 1979) approaches, we propose to commission a bronze bust of Bion in order to celebrate him. Thus, his will join those of Freud and Klein in the London Institute. A maquette for that bust was made by the portrait sculptor Billie Bond SPS MRSS and is pictured on this page.

 Billie Bondis a portrait sculptor who brings a deep understanding of trauma to her work. She is very aware of the tension between fragility and resilience in the human psyche. In some of her collections she translates the subject’s inner being through a surface disrupted by breakage and the evidence of subsequent repair. This process derives from the Japanese Kintsugi, the repair of broken ceramics with gold, a philosophy of seeing beauty in imperfection. Although this is not the art she is using for the Bion bust, nevertheless Billie sees Bion’s well known trauma beneath the calm surface of his facial presentation. Some of her commissions explore human mental health crises. In researching for this commission Billie has become interested in some of Bion’s ideas especially about containment and the transformation of meaninglessness into meaning.  https://www.billiebondart.com

Andrew Briggs retired from the English National Health Service as a Head of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. He is a member of the Association of Child Psychotherapists and of the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists. He has taught at the Universities of Essex, Kent, London, and East London. His clinical interests include failures of containment and subsequent emotional development. His academic interests include the development of psychoanalytic ideas, the fate of the father, and the life and work of W R Bion. As an organisational consultant his interests include, understanding how the individual experiences the group, and the relationship of the individual and group to wider society.

Bob Hinshelwood: Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society. Emeritus Professor, University of Essex. Most recent publication: W.R.Bion as Clinician.

*As part of the Commemoration, please join us to the CONFERENCE  on JULY 7, 2024 entited:

These old ghosts, they never die”: The enduring experience of the First World War in Bion’s late literary and autobiographical writing.


Tobias Jenkins – has produced a very original paper based upon Bion’s traumatic experiences in World War One. Jenkins has researched for new details and has produced some new knowledge related to Bion’s thoughts and feelings about colleagues he served with. The paper also provides a companion commentary as it links together the times Bion revisited experiences with these colleagues throughout his life’s writings up to and including the trilogy A Memoir of the Future. Jenkins shows in detail how these enduring memories shaped Bion’s approach to psychoanalytic work during the course of his career. In this it points to how Bion the clinician emerged through struggles with Bion the tank commander, struggles which contributed to his deep clinical understanding how the mind responds to successive traumatic experiences. Throughout, Jenkins brings the war torn and clinician Bion alive in his paper with well-chosen quotations from his writings and an appreciation of Bion’s use of classical and modern (WW1) poets.

Tobias Jenkins is an Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK) funded doctoral student in the English Literature Department of King’s College London where he is researching W.R Bion’s experimental autobiographical novel A Memoir of the Future and the psychoanalyst’s engagements with literary modernism. He holds an MSc in Theoretical Psychoanalytical Studies from the UCL Psychoanalysis Unit and is an honorary psychotherapist at Hounslow Psychotherapy Service, West London NHS Trust.


Howard B. Levine

Member of APSA, PINE, the Contemporary Freudian Society and Pulsion, on the faculty of NYU Post-Doc’s Contemporary Freudian Track, on the Editorial Board of the IJP and Psychoanalytic Inquiry, editor-in-chief of the Routledge Wilfred Bion Studies Book Series and in private practice in Brookline, Massachusetts. He is the author of Transformations de l’Irreprésentable (Ithaque 2019) and Affect, Representation and Language: Between the Silence and the Cry (Routledge 2022) and editor of The Post-Bionian Field Theory of Antonino Ferro (Routledge 2022) and The Freudian Matrix of Andre Green. Towards A Psychoanalysis For The 21st Century by André Green (Routledge/IPA forthcoming). His co-edited books include Unrepresented States and the Construction of Meaning (Karnac 2013); On Freud’s Screen Memories (Karnac 2014); The Wilfred Bion Tradition (Karnac 2016); Bion in Brazil. (Karnac 2017); Andre Green Revisited: Representation and the Work of the Negative (Karnac 2018); Covidian Life (2021 Phoenix); Psychoanalysis of the Psychoanalytic Frame Revisited: A New Look at Bleger’s Classical Work (Routledge/IPA, 2022); and Autistic Phenomena and Unrepresented States: Explorations in the Emergence of Self  (Phoenix 2023).

Rudi Vermote, MD, PhD

Training and supervising analyst and past president of the Belgian Society of Psychoanalysis.

Professor Emeritus University of Louvain.

Member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

He is sponsor of the Taiwanese Psychoanalytic Study group and was co-chair of the International New Group Committee of the IPA.

Honorary Member of the Psychoanalytic Center California.

Was a visiting professor at Kyoto University.

Was for more than 8 years member of the Clinical Research Committee of the IPA.

Teaching at the Winnicott Center Tel Aviv.

Published ‘ Reading Bion’ , in the teaching series of Routledge ( 2018) and papers on the application of Bion’s work and clinical research.



Dr Vic Sedlak is the President of the British Psychoanalytical Society and an Honorary Member of the Polish Psychoanalytic Society.  He is a Training and Supervising Analyst and works in private practice in the North of England.


Training and Supervisor Psychoanalyst of Children , Adolescents and Adults of the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association and Director of A-Santamaría Psychoanalysis Mexico A.C .

Latin American Representative of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) – 2019-2023 –

Member of the American Psychoanalytic Association ( APsA)  and FEPAL , Member of the International Advisory Committee: Routledge Bion Studies Book Series.

Member of the International Committee of Spanish Language Psychoanalysts and member of the Latin American Board of Winnicott.

Co-author of Autistic Phenomena and Unrepresented States : Explorations in the Emergence of Self. Phoenix Publishing House 2023, co-author of “Bion Seminars at the A-Santamaría Association. Clinical and Theoretical Explorations”. (forthcoming) 2024, Routledge.

Editor of Bion, Dreamwork and the Oneiric Dimensions of the Mind ( forthcoming), 2024.

Editor of “ Jugando con el Pensamiento de Winnicott en America Latina”2023 Ed. Biebel and editor of “ Virtualidad, Duelos y Migraciones en el Covid 19. Perspectivas Psicoanalíticas.”  2023, Ed Biebel.


 Date – July 7, 2024

Time– 9:30 am – 12:30 am México City time

4:30 pm London Time



1- This conference and the bust appeal are ways of bringing the memory of Bion the person to life in advance of the fiftieth anniversary of his death in 2029.
As such there is no subscription for those attending this conference but we ask that you make a payment by way of donation to the bust appeal. This will allow you to join the conference and receive the recording of it.

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Fundraising Appeal for Wilfred Bion Commemoration

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